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Our Mission

We at IdahoCBDelivery want to make your access to high quality CBD convenient and more importantly, affordable. We offer next business day delivery on in area orders. Our delivery area covers the Magic Valley and Mini-Cassia area. We offer shipping to all other areas of the country, on all products, excluding beverages.

* Shipping or delivery orders placed before 4 pm will be sent the next business day.

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What are the Benefits of CBD?

CBD is effective at alleviating physical pain. It is also effective at reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety through its mood-boosting effects.

CBD products have very low (and sometimes no) THC content to prevent adverse psychoactive effects. Unlike THC and marijuana-derived CBD products, those made from hemp are unlikely to cause addiction and withdrawal symptoms.

Moreover, CBD is widely used to combat the effects of conditions like Crohn's disease, Parkinson's disease, dystonia, and joint pain. Some people also take CBD products as part of their healthy lifestyle.

CBD can be found in various topical products to help cure skin problems. Edible products from a CBD online store can also help detoxify the body, promote creativity, and combat insomnia.

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Different Ways to Use CBD

The most common way to use CBD is through oil-based products. It can be consumed on its own or mixed with food. Eating CBD products is the easiest and one of the fastest ways of reaping the benefits of cannabidiol.

Some users opt for edibles like gummies, baked goods, and more to enjoy a dose of CBD.

Other users will inhale CBD oil using vape pens. This can be a recreational and enjoyable option since CBD oil for vaping comes in various flavors.

You can also rub the CBD oil on your skin to help various skin conditions. Another option is to use products infused with CBD oil, including moisturizers and lotions.